Three Latin Artists Jump Into Snapchat For A Music Experience Out Of Their Comfort Zone

by chris
Photo Caption: Latin artists El Dasa, Natalia Lafourcade and Goyo joined Toyota’s RAV4 Hybrid for the #AceptaElReto challenge to get out of their musical comfort zone in Snapchat. Los tres artistas latinos – El Dasa, Natalia Lafourcade y Goyo – junto con el RAV4 Hybrid de Toyota se unen a #AceptaElReto para salirse de su area de confort musical en Snapchat.

Mexican regional, urban hip-hop and pop music will converge today in the Snapchat world under the umbrella of the Toyota #AceptaElReto challenge, inviting the artists as well as guests to create new stories and get out of their comfort zone.  Toyota is partnering with Mexican Regional artist, El Dasa, Colombian hip-hop band member, Goyo (member of Chocquibtown) and pop singer and songwriter, Natalia Lafourcade to produce a one of a kind Snapchat experience that will go live on the popular social media app.

The creative engagement is part of Toyota’s RAV4 Hybrid marketing campaign that encourages people to get out of their comfort zones. The concept created by Conill – Toyota’s Hispanic marketing partner – centers on a unique idea: what would happen if you put a Mexican regional artist in the musical world of a pop singer and how would a hip-hop singer do in a Mexican regional musical world. Toyota invited these artists to venture out of their musical comfort zones to find out.

Through the story, fans will witness each artist interacting with their newfound musical world, creating new experiences and stories that they can share with their fans on other social media channels, unified by the hashtag #AceptaElReto.

“Toyota is all about innovation and engaging with guests through technology and music,” said Florence Drakton, social media marketing manager, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A.  “We know how important social media channels are, whether for listening to or sharing music, so using Snapchat makes total sense.  Together, these three artists will create an immersive experience that we hope fans will enjoy.”

The RAV4 Hybrid campaign launched at the beginning of 2016 centered on the theme of “same old story.”   The creative elements aimed to spur people on to create original and exciting new stories with the RAV4 Hybrid as their enabler.

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