Marc Anthony’s Greatest Hits Get Reimagined For Children’s Album ‘Marc Anthony For Babies’

by Malachi Weaver

Many of Marc Anthony’s greatest hits, “La Gozadera” and “Valió la Pena” for example, have now been reimagined as kid-friendly in the new instrumental children’s album Marc Anthony for Babies.

Marc Anthony For Babies, released under Anthony’s Magnus Music label, contains 10 of Anthony’s classics, remade as instrumentals. The album was executive produced by Ignacio “Nacho” Mendoza and has production by Anthony, Nacho, and Carlos Escalona Cruz.

“Marc Anthony is not only an icon, he is also a musical institution. I grew up admiring his talent, he continues to deliver hits and his body of work is more relevant than ever,” Nacho said in a statement. “Marc has a vast amount of classics that I personally want to introduce to a whole new generation. I believe that music is one of the most important elements that can assist in the formation of an individual, and I love the idea of exposing kids to music in the early stages of their lives.”

Anthony also added, “I was thrilled when I first heard Nacho’s idea of turning my music into an instrumental format inspired for children.”

Check out the lullaby album below.

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