Taylor Swift Puts Entire Catalog Back On Spotify Just As Katy Perry Releases New Album

by Malachi Weaver

In a move that many are taking to be provoking a feud, Taylor Swift has released her entire catalog of music onto all streaming services – on the same day that Perry’s new studio album, Witness, is released.

Swift publicly took a stand against streaming services back in July 2014, writing an essay for The Wall Street Journal  that argued that “Valuable things should be paid for.” Around the same time, Swift pulled all of her music from streaming services, including Spotify. Now, with Swift giving no explanation why she has returned the catalog, many are taking it as an attack on Katy Perry, who Swift has publicly feuded with in the past.

Perry recently spoke on their alleged beef with James Corden, claiming that it was Swift who began it all. She said then that she attempted to talk to Swift about it in the past but was met with no response, but that a simple conversation with Swift is all that would be necessary to settle everything.

Social media has noticed Swift’s return to streaming and believes it is directly related to Perry’s album release. See a few of the more popular tweets below.

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