Soul Circus Cowboys Are Hot, Hot, Hot – Billboard Hot!

by chris

Photo Caption: “Tailgate Country” the new hot country album is moving up the charts again

“Tailgate Country,” the new hot country album, has moved up the charts again.  This time to number 25 on Billboard, rising up from number 33.  That’s hot!

The Tampa-based Soul Circus Cowboys have come along and introduced a whole new genre that is affectionately being dubbed by the same name as their hot new album, “Tailgate Country” – audiences are all over it.  If you haven’t heard their choice cut “Gotta Get Me One of Them” then you are missing some prime steak and potatoes. Just click below and see their amazing climb on Billboard and then listen to the Soul Circus Cowboys songs and you will be glad you did.

The rising success of Soul Circus Cowboys can be laid squarely on the band’s “for real” sense of everybody having that one very special place within their heart and that place is their very own home town.  You only have to listen to one of these songs or watch one of their popular YouTube videos and you can feel that hometown feeling coming through like a locomotive running through the night.

This Southern Rock Country band is delivering pure hometown emotion through their lived-it lyrics and fresh sound.  You can feel the old-school roots being combined with the band’s own unique new upbeat country sound.  The entire “Tailgate Country” release is dedicated to that good ole hometown feeling.  In fact, the guys just now released their new sizzling hot country single “If You’re Gonna Leave,” and you can sneak peek it directly below.

Soul Circus Cowboys is comprised of Rick Morgan on Guitar/Vocals, Jason Alfano on Drums, Mike McMahon on Bass/Vocals, and front man, lead singer Billy McKnight.  Soul Circus Cowboys are lighting up stages all the way from Tampa, Florida to Sturgis in South Dakota.  Their new “Tailgate Country” hometown, good-time feeling is coming on strong.  Give it a listen and a look and see what you think…

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