Fifth Harmony Rap’s Gucci Mane’s ‘Down’ Verse on Hot 97

by Malachi Weaver

Fifth Harmony released their newest song “Down” this past Friday (June 2) and they’ve been hitting the press for it pretty hard. The group stopped by Good Morning America to perform the song live with Gucci Mane and went by Hot 97 to talk about it.

In the interview with Hot 97’s Nessa, the group complimented Gucci Mane for his smile and overall happy personality before attempting to rap his verse. Check out around 4:45 in the video below to see it.

“Down” is Fifth Harmony’s first release since their public breakup with Camila Cabello earlier this year. The quartet first teased the song with an Instagram post last week showing the song’s album art and teasing the Gucci Mane collaboration. Hear the song below.

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