Chance The Rapper Surprises With “Same Drugs” Video

by Malachi Weaver

Chance The Rapper surprised fans on Monday (Feb. 6) with a video for his song “Same Drugs,” off his latest album Coloring Book. Giving fans only a 10 minute warning, Chance tweeted “Does anyone have facebook live? I’m about to premier a new music video on there in 10 minutes ok? Ok.”

Shortly after, Chance took to Twitter to explain the Facebook live premiere in a now deleted video. “I say, yo, I wanna put a video that I already recorded on Instagram Live, I wanna put it on Twitter Live, I wanna put it on Snapchat, and they said no,” Chance told his fans. “But would you look at that? That’s Facebook Live holding me down with a countdown to a HD premiere of my s**t.”

You can see Chance’s puppet-filled video below.

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