Over 1000 Musicians Cover “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Together – Watch

by Malachi Weaver

Thanks to The Rockin’ 1000, there is now a cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” that took over a thousand musicians to make. The group took roughly 1,200 performers (guitarists, singers, bassists, and drummers) to record a live cover, played in an open arena in Italy.

Organizer Fabio Zaffagnini told NME about the project, “The live show has been really, really cool and the feedback we got from the public was enthusiastic so we will probably think about going on and organising other live shows, but we don’t have an idea about where to do that. We’d love to have an experience outside of Italy but we just finished a week ago so… we’re just figuring out what to do next.”

“They all joined this project and took the flight to come over to this tiny town that is Cesena and to perform in front of thousands of people, just like rockstars do. Actually, they’re just normal musicians playing in pubs, but for once in their life, they were in a context that is similar to the one that is generally reserved to rockstars.”

See it for yourself below.

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