Selena Gomez Teases ‘Fetish’

by Malachi Weaver

Back in June, Selena Gomez teased an upcoming project “Fetish” at the end of her “Bad Liar” video. Nothing was said about “Fetish” at the time, except that it was “Coming Soon.”

Thanks to Instagram, we now know that “Fetish” is Gomez’s new single, which should come out tomorrow (June 13). Gomez shared multiple stills from what might be a music video, as well as a clip of the song with the lyrics:

Take it or leave it
Baby, take it or leave it
But I know you won’t leave it
‘Cause I know that you need it
Look in the mirror
When I look in the mirror
Baby, I see it clearer
Why you want to be nearer

Fetish. Thursday.

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The song will feature Gucci Mane.


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