Queen Latifah’s Car Stolen in Atlanta, Victim of Latest Trend

by Malachi Weaver

Queen Latifah is reported to have fallen victim to the latest trend in car thefts where criminals sneak into the driver’s seat of a car while a person is pumping gas and drive off.

The crime happened on December 20, according to Fox 5 Atlanta. Fulton County police told F5A that another person was driving Latifah’s car alone when they stopped to get gas at a Shell gas station. According to the police report, the driver of the 2015 Mercedes Benz S63 was pumping gas when a white BMW pulled next to the car and the theft happened.

Fulton County police tracked the car to an apartment complex in southwest Atlanta where they also saw a white BMW and a Dodge Charger similar to one reported stolen from College Park.

Queen Latifah inspected the vehicle upon its return and found lemonade and fruit punch bottles left behind by the thieves.

Fulton County Police are still looking for the culprits.

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