New From Macklemore and Skylar Grey: ‘Glorious’

by Malachi Weaver

Macklemore just dropped a new song, “Glorious,” which will appear on his upcoming new album. This new album will be his first solo album in 12 years.

“Glorious” features guest vocals from Skylar Grey and was produced by Josh “Budo” Karp and Tyler Dopps. Rolling Stone calls the song “energizing” and “an ode to fresh starts and embracing life.” Macklemore mixes bars of positivity throughout the song: “I’m feeling glorious/ The crib looking Victorian/ You know that we been going in/ Since we hopped out that Delorean.”

Macklemore has recently released two other solo tracks, “Wednesday Morning” and “Drug Dealer.” It isn’t clear yet if these songs will be on the upcoming and currently untitled album.

The new album will be Macklemore’s first new album since his 2005 The Language of My World. Other than his 2009 mixtape The Unplanned Mixtape, both of Macklemore’s two recent albums have been collaborations with producer Ryan Lewis. In 2012 they released The Heist together and followed it in 2016 with This Unruly Mess I’ve Made.

Check out “Glorious” below.

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