Kyle Performs iSpy on MTV: Watch

by Malachi Weaver

Kyle recently sat down for an interview with MTV, being their Push: Artist to Watch for the month of June, to talk about his stylistic changes as a rapper and to perform his hit song “iSpy.”

“When I first started rapping, I just rapped about what I was taught to rap about. You know, guns, packs, big booties… things like that,” Kyle told MTV. “I was making this one song, and what I had just written was so unbelievably not me that I rapped it and laughed.”

Kyle told MTV that he realized that the traditional rapper mold didn’t fit him, and instead decided to embrace his own “goofy” side.

“I dropped my rapper voice — the voice that’s not really mine — and I heard this voice come out that was just real in that moment,” he said. “I heard it when I played it back, and I was like, that part right there is tight. I was like, I need to do everything with this type of energy from now on… it’s the type of energy I gotta put in all my songs because I feel like it was the way I would just come across authentic.”

The rapper then went on to perform his song “iSpy”, even rapping over Lil Yachty’s verse and occasionally pausing to Milly Rock. Watch the performance below and see MTV’s full profile on Kyle here.

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