Halsey Reveals Title For New Album Due In June

by Malachi Weaver

Halsey took to Twitter yesterday (Mar. 7) to announce the name of her second full-length album, which will be titled hopeless fountain kingdom. Her label confirmed the title in a press releases, emphasizing that the title is all lowercase.

Paired with the album title was also a topless photo, in which Halsey stands sideways in front of a cloudy, dark background. In the photo Halsey looks over her shoulder and towards the ground while embracing a rose against her face. There has been no announcement, though, as to if that will be the album’s cover or not.

Fans have since pointed out that there is a fountain in Brooklyn with same as the album, which – coincidentally or not – is off of the L train’s Halsey Street stop and has the word “rose” engraved on it.

Update: Halsey confirmed on Twitter that the picture she posted will not be hopeless fountain kindom’s album cover, telling a fan “When I’m ready for you to have the album cover, I’m gonna make you find it.

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