DJ Khaled Stars in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ NBA Finals Teaser

by Malachi Weaver

Spider-Man: Homecoming finally got the DJ Khaled treatment last night when a teaser for the movie featuring the artist aired during the NBA finals.

The promo clip begins with Khaled waiting in line at a convenience store when Tom Holland’s Spider-Man character bumps into him. “You’re DJ Khaled,” the surprised web-slinger begins, and Khaled accordingly responds “You’re Spider-Man! What’re you doing here?”

Spider-man tells Khaled that he is on his way to an NBA Finals watch party, which Khaled knows is hosted by Tony Stark (Iron Man) – because he is going there too.

Right after, when two women standing by the counter ask for a picture, Khaled is surprised to see that they want him to take the picture of them with Spidey, instead of the other way around. Khaled gets to show off his photography skills, using his signature catchphrase, “another one”, every time he took another picture.

Khaled’s next album, Grateful, is set for release later this month and promises a slew of exemplary features. The album’s second single – “I’m the One” featuring Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chace The Rapper, and Lil Wayne – has already gone platinum. The third single, “To the Max,” with Drake, was released Monday morning, and Khaled has since teased more collaborations with Rihanna, Bryson Tiller, Nas, and Travis Scott. Both Jay-Z and Beyoncé should also be on the album, as they performed on the first single, “Shining”.

Check out the Spider-Man: Homecoming NBA Finals spot below:

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