Beyoncé Gives Support To Upcoming Women’s March On Washington

by Malachi Weaver

Beyoncé has become the latest of a number of celebrities expressing support for the upcoming Women’s March on Washington.

The singer promoted the event via Facebook, writing, “Together with Chime for Change, we raise our voices as mothers, as artists, and as activists. As #GlobalCitizens, we can make our voices heard and turn awareness into meaningful action and positive change. #WomensMarch.”

Beyoncé’s statement follows the announcement of the March’s Artist Table, an assembly of celebrities officially supporting the march. The Artist Table includes America Ferrera as chair, as well as many other starts including Scarlett Johansson, Katy Perry, Amy Schumer, Zendaya, Chelsea Handler, and more.

The March is planned to take place on Saturday, January 21 – the day after the presidential inauguration. For more information, visit

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