Aminé Teams Up With Kehlani On ‘Heebiejeebies’

by Malachi Weaver

Just last week Aminé turned heads with his Missy Elliot assisted remix to “REDMERCEDES”. Now, the Portland rapper is back again with a brand new song: “Heebiejeebies.”

“Heebiejeebies” features Kehlani and was produced by Jahaan Sweet. The song, Aminé says, was inspired by early 2000s duets “with like Usher or Alicia, or Jay-Z and Beyoncé, or Ja Rule and Ashanti.”

The rapper explained on Genius that the song was unplanned and came about by chance once when Aminé went to a studio to visit Kehlani.

“Me and Kehlani were just talking because she was a fan and I was a fan of her, and she invited me to the studio for the first time. She had a studio session and I was in LA. I walked in because I thought we were just meeting, just to have lunch or something, and Jahaan Sweet—the producer who is a friend of mine now, it was my first time meeting all of them—he was just like, ‘Do you wanna make a song?’ They played me that beat, and I started writing to it, and then Kehlani was in the room so she just jumped on it, and then it just happened really naturally. So it wasn’t really a set up studio session or anything. I didn’t plan on making a song that day. I don’t come to the studio session with a laptop or anything, I just came with my phone in my hand. It was cool though.”

Stream “Heebiejeebies” below.

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