$2000 ‘Jeopardy’ Question About Frank Ocean Goes Unanswered

by Malachi Weaver

Frank Ocean returned to the Jeopardy! board Monday (June 12) night when a clue referenced his 2012 debut album Channel Orange. The question was worth $2000.

“On this song from Channel Orange, Frank Ocean sings to a cab driver of his unrequited love for a man.”

Fans of Frank Ocean may recognize that the correct answer would have been “What is ‘Bad Religion’?” None of the contestants were able to answer correctly.

Ocean has been featured on Jeopardy! twice before. A previous clue once stated “He’s the 2013 Grammy-winning singer heard here,” then the song “Thinking of You” from Ocean’s Channel Orange played.

Another Ocean inspired clue was shown on the show earlier this year: “The visual album ‘Endless’ & the album ‘Blonde’ were this singer/rapper’s follow-up to ‘Channel Orange’.”

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